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Efficient an adequate delivery of basic sevices and programs with Strong Leadership Good Governance and Empowered People for the realization and enchancement of socio-economic Development.


The center for education in the region, home of values-oriented people in a balance, competitive and progressive green city government by effective leaders.

1. PROTECTION AND SECURITY - this includes the City-Wide CCTV Installation which gives us full coverage of the entire city monitoring 24/7 and Programs on the SWAT and RESCUE Teams.

2. CONSTRUCTION OF NEW CITY HALL - to be able to facilitate better services addressing the needs of all sectors

3. COMPUTERIZATION OF PROJECTS - for efficient transactions and to make all paperless as possible in adherence to environmental laws, including online and electronic payments to reduce long queues in payments system.

4. CONSTRUCTION OF PARKS - mini-parks in every barangay to provide access to recreational activities which will also support the nation's aim to a greener Philippines.

5. ROAD WIDENING/CLEARING OPERATIONS - this will be fully enforced in support to the President's mandate for accessible roads to ease traffic at "ibalik sa tao ang sidewalk."

6. REPAIR & MAINTENANCE OF MULTI-PURPOSE BUILDINGS - to make smaller-scale projects in barangays to be more efficient serving not only evacuation area but recreational facility as well.

7. HEALTH PROGRAMS & SERVICES - to be made available to less-fortunate constituents who are more reliant to the assistance provided by government.

8. PUBLIC UNIVERSITY/EDUCATION PROGRAM - having the largest population in the region is already a challenge to equip our youth with quality education so that they can become more competitive citizens of the country and globally.

9. LANDFILL PROJECTS - the increasing and alarming problems in the garbage collection and disposal, must also be addressed so we will find a way so that our city will have our own garbage disposal system without harming the environment.

10. SPORTS - participation in national events will make the city nott only a center for excellence but also for sports development.

11. CREATION OF NEW ORDINANCE - so that the city may be able to adapt to new nationals laws that are being implemented and EVASLUATION OF OLD ORDINANCES for strict compliance and implamentation, and also to make the city compliant to what the constituents need for a safer community that are adhered to policies and ordinances.

12. CULTURAL, TOURISM & the ARTS - in support to DILG's mandate to accredit all tourism-related establishments and preservation of cultural heritage, sites and artifacts thru NCCA, the local government shall make it a must to have them inspected and recorded in the next two years.

With the help, support and cooperation of everyone here, i am sure we will attain our goal and that's to make everything possible and successful all our programs and projects for our goal and that's to make everything possible and successful all our programs and projects for our city in the next 3 years of this administration. With the guidance by our DILG, our commitment and ardent dedication to our jobs and responsibilities coupled with incessant prayers, sigurado ako sa maipapagtuloy natin ang pagsulong ng syudad ng DasmariƱas.